STEP ONE: Read the Requirements for Adoption

STEP TWO: Decide who you would like to meet!

All of our cats available for adoption are current on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, FIV/FeLV tested, and spayed/neutered unless not old enough or not recommended by our veterinarian. For Belle's Sake feline adoption fee is $150 for kittens too young to spay/neuter with a spay/neuter voucher provided to adopter and $150 for fixed kittens/cats.  Mandatory spay/neuter contract for those not altered prior to adoption.  These fees are necessary to cover costs of vetting prior to adoption and are quite low considering many of our adoptables have incurred very high medical costs prior to being ready for adoption. The average expenses For Belle's Sake incurs are $150-$300 for cats. Donations above the standard fees to fully cover vetting are always welcomed and help us to continue to save lives and make it possible for our residents to find loving, forever  homes of their own.

STEP THREE: Please complete an adoption application found below!
Please complete all questions. Our adopters are carefully screened with the hopes that the adopters will provide care and love for the remaining life span of the animal as one of the family.  Adoption contracts will be completed at the meet and greet if an adoption is approved and you are in love with your selected new family member.  If a match, your furry family member can go home with you at the time of the meet and greet!                  

- All FBS cats will be solely indoors cats. Outdoors is strictly prohibited unless on a secure leashed walk or in a secure catio.
- No FBS cat will be declawed.  It is a barbaric amputation of the last digit of each paw that creates lifelong pain and behavior issues.
- All FBS cats will be provided with adequate fresh food and water, and daily exercise/affection.

- Young kittens should not be adopted to families with children under 4 years old due to their fragile bodies. Consideration for your child's ability to interact gently with an animal is important as well as knowing that they can not be left unsupervised with a fragile animal.  Consider an older animal or medium size cat for a family member.
- All adoptive families will obey all applicable laws governing control and custody of animals.
- All adoptive families will provide medical care as prescribed by their veterinarian including but not limited to; exams and unscheduled treatment for any illness/injury.
- All FBS cats will be adopted only as a personal companion and not as a gift, working animal, test animal, or guard animal. The adopter must be the one submitting the application.
- All FBS cats will be returned to For Belle's Sake Rescue should it be necessary to find another home for the cat. No cat will be given away for any reason at any point in their lives.
- FBS assumes no responsibility nor shall they be held liable for any damages caused by the adopted animal to property, person or other pets. If any medical problems occur after adoption, FBS is not liable for medical bills.
- FBS's primary goal is to place our cats in permanent, loving homes. Please consider the many years of care and commitment when adopting a cat. 15+ yrs
- To help ensure that we place our cats in loving, responsible, and committed homes, we have an application (below) and screening process. 

- For Belle's Sake Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Thank you for considering adoption!

We try to save as many adoptable pets as possible, but have limited resources.  We work hard to care for the pets in our rescue and carefully screen the adopters who want our precious saved souls. Unlike so many no kill and high kill animal shelters, we try hard to give all animals in our care ALL the medical attention they may need.  Our adoption fees are very low compared to the medical expenses we incur for those in our care on their journey to find their forever families: $150 for cats. Please consider a monetary donation whenever possible. It's easy to use our PayPal link at the top of this page, and your donation is tax deductible! I hope you are writing to us to ask about one of our adoptable cats or dogs. If so, please complete an application below and email it to us. All of our adoptables have all been waiting so long to be loved by a family of their own. Which one should be your new family member?


Select Link Below To Complete The Adoption Application!

***All Meet and greets are by appointment only after application approval***

Due to FBS being volunteer operated by dual military, no exceptions are made


Process and Requirements

Required to Read Prior to Application Submission


Things to Do/Consider Before Adopting a Cat:

  • Responsibility/Schedule - Do you have time to provide adequate care, attention, and training? 
  •  Ages of Children - Kittens are easily injured. Children under 5 yrs in the home are best suited with a young cat versus kitten.
  •  Your age and age of cat - Are you prepared and able to provide up to 18 years of commitment and care? If elderly, consider adopting a senior animal in need instead.
  • Finances - Adding a pet to a home requires a financial commitment for food, litterboxes, grooming, nail trims, and veterinary care.
  • Scratching - Cats require scratching posts and training to prevent furniture damage. Regular nail trims also assist in preventative maintenance.
  • Multiple Cat Household -  Research how to introduce cats.  They often take more time than canines, etc.  Also, multiple litterboxes are a necessity to prevent litterbox aversion.