Belle, a dog rescued by Christian and Shelby, sits in the field where she was found in Sumter S.C., April 1, 2012. Belle suffered alone in the field for five days; she was malnourished and had open wounds and fire ants across her body before the family rescued her. She died hours after being rescued. In honor of her, the couple started “For Belle’s Sake Rescue and Rehabilitation,” an animal rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and pet watching service.

In honor of a particularly memorable rescue, a dog named Belle, Christian and Shelby started "For Belle's Sake Rescue and Rehabilitation," an animal rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and pet watching service. Belle was a pit bull mix, or pibble.

Belle passed away April 1, 2012, hours after being rescued. She died from complications resulting from maltreatment. When the Birds received a call to rescue her, she was in critical condition. They found her on the side of a road, malnourished, with open wounds and fire ants on her body. "We got a phone call in the late afternoon about a dog who had been hit by a car," Shelby explained. "A woman was at a stop sign, looked over into a grassy field and saw a head peering over the grass. So she walked out into the field and found Belle laying there."

"Belle couldn't stand and was surrounded by cans of dog food and chicken. She was covered in red ants, which had to have been very painful. We brought her home and set her up in a crate. When we carried her into the house, I flipped her over and her wounds were terrible," she continued. "We immediately called an EMT to come evaluate her since the nearest after hours vet clinic was in Columbia at the time. It was then that I named her Belle."

"She had two shattered back legs, a broken back, all of the skin and muscle was missing from her hind legs from road rash, and she was in organ failure," Shelby explained "We knew if we tried to save her, it would be a long and painful process and she more than likely would not survive it. She needed blood transfusions and both hind legs amputated. The EMT said she was in shock and her body was shutting down.""He said her wounds appeared to be at least five days old," Shelby said. "Meaning she suffered that duration alone in excruciating pain."

"Someone knew she was there because they were trying to feed her," she continued. "But no one helped.""The entire time he was evaluating her, her tail was wagging," she said. "I knelt before her, held out my hands, and asked a very simple question. 'Belle, what do you want?'"She rested her head in the palm of my hands and closed her eyes," she explained. "Her breathing got slow and she told me she was ready to go."

A LITTLE ABOUT For Belle's Sake Rescue & Rehab

Donating is more than just time or money, it saves a life. Now you can help even the smallest animal. All donations go directly to the care of the dog/cat of your choice. Consider coming to give a dog/cat some one on one time, a walk, or maybe a bath! They are grateful for the attention!


For Belle's Sake Rescue & Rehabilitation is founded by Christian and Shelby who are active duty military and volunteer their mornings, evenings, and weekends caring for 60+ dogs and cats rescued from high kill animal shelters, owner surrenders, or found astray who are waiting for their forever homes.          

 "We started rescue in 2005 in SC and have been saving lives ever since.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and love but for us, it is a family affair!  Our children share the same passion for animals and helping and we are blessed to have them sharing the experience and are excited to be continuing efforts in North Dakota!" - Shelby

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~All of our adoptable dogs deserve sponsorship.  Please consider sponsoring for their medical treatment, necessary comfort items, and help them prepare to start a new life with a family! Contact For Belle's Sake for more information!


We have several families who foster for us. Most have dogs or cats of their own already but are willing to share their love and their homes to one of our adoptables while they wait to be picked to have a family of their own. Foster expenses are tax deductible! What a great way to give! 

Everything we do, we do For Belle's Sake